Smart Energy Metering

Integrated Control custom design and program solutions for metering the energy consumed weather it's electrical, gas, water, or the generation of energy from PV. The data is presented graphically and with historic data available, comparisons can be easily assessed.
Our solutions provide facilities management a key to unlock the mysteries of buildings energy efficiency and allow them to make informed choices on where improvements in the building model can be achieved.
Combining energy metering and Unified BMS systems, you can now make building truly intelligent, allowing systems to work with the building

iRio Example

    We have provided a link below to a sample iRio based Metering System we have produced, enabling clients to view how a Energy Metering Solution can look.

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    (IE9,10,11 .. Can be used in Compatibility View in the options)

    Login : example
    Password : example

  • iRioSample System (Status : OFF LINE)