Smart Homes

Today luxury homes are now truly complex environments to live in, with numerous systems being installed to enhance the owner's life style, whether it's an Intelligent Lighting System, Underfloor Heating, Central Air Conditioning, Data Networks for home computers and internet or complete home entertainment systems, more and more systems are being added to add. Now for a home to be truly Smart, these systems must be interconnected and able to talk to each other, but most importantly, the user must be able to operate these numerous systems simply.

Integrated Control offer a complete packages from design to installation of all these systems, and we carry out these projects in house with our own specialist team of engineers and programmers. So whether it's an intelligent lighting system, a Home Cinema or a complete Smart Home with all the complexities these bring Integrated Control can and do provide the complete solution.

Key Points

  • All systems managed in House by our teams of engineers
  • Remote Access to home systems via the internet.
  • Intelligent Lighting System
  • Whole house Audio and Visual Systems
  • Data Networks and Server Setups
  • Heating Controls
  • Air-Conditioning Systems
  • Irrigation and Water feature Controls
  • CRESTRON - One Central Control System to Unify all systems.